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Protecting decision-making

Challenges in decision-making can arise for a variety of reasons such as a brain injury, dementia or a mental health issue.

The Mental Capacity Act serves as a safeguard to protect individuals in their decision making.

Clinical neuropsychologist and patient talking in a mental capacity assessment

Defensible, balanced assessments

An assessment under the Mental Capacity Act evaluates an individual’s ability to make informed decisions about a specific issue such as finances, relationships, healthcare or living arrangements.

  • We recognise the potential anxiety clients may feel during these assessments, so we strive to ensure that a client’s voice is heard throughout the process.
  • Our Mental Capacity Assessment team comprises experienced Clinical and Neuropsychologists only.
  • Our goal is to provide assessments and outcomes that are in line with current legal standards and defensible decision making, whilst balancing this with the client’s wishes and preferences.

A therapeutic

We view assessments as a therapeutic opportunity for the client to build mental capacity and decision-making skills.

Our approach can integrate the outcome of an MCA assessment into rehabilitation goals, where assessors work with rehabilitation teams to support clients in understanding assessment results whilst working towards the client’s own objectives.

By using the MCA assessment to develop insight and set clear outcomes with the client, we can offer the best opportunity for optimising independence and a sense of agency within the legal framework of the MCA judgement.

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