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Personalised neurorehabilitation
at home

We believe that true wellbeing comes from a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Brain injury or a neurological event can deprive individuals of the skills, knowledge and stability upon which their life has been built. We step in to rebuild and guide, working to minimise disability and nurture a meaningful future.

Mature couple raking autumn leaves in garden as part of neurorehabilitation

Bespoke cognitive rehabilitation alongside specialist psychotherapy for adjustment to disability, mood, fatigue and pain management, and family support.

Provided at home and in relevant community settings to facilitate real-life functional gains that are tailored to the individual.

Experienced in the complexities of neurorehabilitation for both neurological injury and orthopaedic injuries, our treatment programmes not only improve the physical injury but also enable the client to accomplish tasks despite their injury.

Traditional language-based therapies along with support and education for social communication skills to aid successful community integration.

Practical and personalised guidance on food, nutrition and health to support wellbeing and independence.

Cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, family support and collaboration with education professionals to assist development of children who have experienced a brain injury.

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We bring together practitioners from specialist disciplines to work as one therapy team, delivering neurorehabilition programmes that prioritise the wellbeing of patients and their support networks.