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Nutritional guidance to support wellbeing

Working closely with the client and their family or carers, they assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional issues. They tailor nutritional advice to support understanding, providing a personalised nutrition pack filled with ideas for meals, recipes, food goals and portion sizes to meet the client’s unique needs. Consultations may be online or face-to-face to suit the client.

Young male dietetics patient in wheelchair using oven in kitchen

Nutritional assessment and diagnosis

Assessment of nutritional intake, cultural nutritional requirements, existing medication, clinical conditions, social food environment, cooking and shopping habits, and specific barriers to achieving healthy food choices, for example, memory difficulties, cognitive ability to cook, low mood and impulsivity, and access to food. Collaborative development of dietary strategies and goals for healthy eating, promoting long term health supported by evidence-based research.

Nutrition education for clinical conditions

Dietary advice on specific clinical conditions including IBS, diabetes and pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Support for immune function and wound healing. Advice for all adult life stages including preconception, pregnancy, menopause and older age.

Symptom management

Advice on fatigue management and diet, as well as bowel symptom management. Guidance on food choices where there are significant challenges with smell, taste, texture, dysphagia or dexterity.

Weight management

Advice on improving nutritional intake to assist in weight and muscle mass gain and reducing risk of malnutrition. Advice and guidance on achieving a healthy weight.

Referral and education management

Signposting to local food aid services, local cookery classes, long term conditions nutrition pathways and digital opportunities for nutrition education. Education for other healthcare professionals and carers to keep up to date with nutrition research and development.

Having the input of a professional dietician gave me the confidence to advise my client of their dietary needs, which was especially helpful when dealing with specific health conditions like diabetes and obesity. My client trusted the dietician straightaway and committed to following the dietary plan, leading to much improved health and wellbeing.

David, Support WorkerBristol


Jackie Wilson

Associate, Specialist Dietician

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