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Nurturing recovery after brain injury

Our neuropsychologists combine expert understanding of cognitive changes following a brain injury with psychological adjustment to injury.
Two pairs of hands building a tower from colourful building blocks during neuropsychology session

Cognitive rehabilitation

Full cognitive assessment (for clinical purposes only), psychoeducation for professionals, client and family regarding cognitive abilities and limitations to guide appropriate rehabilitation pathways, cognitive rehabilitation strategies, advice regarding work and cognition, fatigue management.

Mood management

One to one psychological therapy for depression, anxiety and irritability associated with neurological conditions, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma.

Psychological adjustment to disability

Psychoeducation and formulation to aid understanding of disability and to reduce distress, development of self-efficacy regarding symptoms, facilitating engagement in rehabilitation with other professionals or services.

Relatives & relationships

Family and couples’ therapy for psychoeducation, symptom management strategies, and improving communication.

Risk management

Our ‘Enablement Based Risk Assessment’ process brings together the latest literature in managing risk utilising positive risk assessment, maintaining clear and transparent communication with the client, whilst providing a clear pathway for liaison and onward referral to statutory services, if required. We believe in working collaboratively with the client to manage their risks and use the process therapeutically to develop insight and responsibility, and to progress their rehabilitation goals.

Behavioural management

Our psychology team are trained in Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) planning providing formulation, psychoeducation and intervention for behavioural symptoms and challenging behaviour. We offer one-to-one, family and team working (including care agencies) to develop care plans to support behavioural symptoms.

Having therapists who understand the complexities of brain injury, who listen and are non-judgemental, has a monumental impact on acceptance and recovery.

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Dr. Helen Thorburn

Clinical Lead for Wiltshire & South Coast, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Jenna Todd Jones

Clinical Lead for Bristol, Gloucestershire & South Wales, Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology

Dr. Sarah Bodely-Scott

Associate, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Jessica Colenutt

Clinical Neuropsychologist

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