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Making everyday activities possible

Our Specialist Occupational Therapists play a central role in successful neurorehabilitation, bringing together the work of all the various therapies to help clients achieve their rehabilitation goals and accomplish daily activities.
Male occupational therapy patient washes dishes in kitchen

Occupational rehabilitation

Assessment and rehabilitation of domestic, personal and community activities through one-to-one sessions with the client, family interventions, and in conjunction with Support Workers.

Vocational rehabilitation

Return to work environment assessments, liaison with employer or employment services, development and monitoring of strategies in the workplace, facilitating access to voluntary work when paid employment is not accessible.


Return to education assessments and advice, liaison with university/college, development and monitoring of learning strategies.

Upper limb assessment and rehabilitation

Including constraint induced movement therapy.

Cognitive rehabilitation in functional tasks

Assessment of real-life cognitive challenges, development of strategies and equipment within the home to support cognition including SMART technology.

Provision of equipment and home adaptations

Assessment and advice for equipment and adaptions with support for appropriate referral to suppliers and for funding.

My time with Totus has helped me to manage the budgeting side of my day-to-day life. I now have the tools to be able to forecast my monthly spend in a calm and considered manner, together with the ability to implement change when necessary."

Jeff, ClientBristol


Kate Coulson

Associate, Specialist Occupational Therapist

Jenni Davey

Associate, Specialist Occupational Therapist

Rachel Marr

Associate, Specialist Occupational Therapist

Helen Marshall

Associate, Specialist Occupational Therapist

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