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Promoting quality and enjoyment of life

Our specialist paediatric brain injury rehab service brings together Neuropsychology and Occupational Therapy services to children (aged 4-18yrs) who have experienced a brain injury, supporting their physical, mental and emotional development to enhance their quality and enjoyment of life.
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Cognitive assessment and rehabilitation

Recognising that brain development in children is a dynamic process, cognitive assessments provide insight into the evolving cognitive strengths and challenges of children with acquired brain injury throughout their development. Cognitive rehabilitation can provide psychoeducation, compensatory strategies, and advocacy to ensure children are able to engage in activities that enhance their quality of life.

Mood and anxiety management

We use tailored, evidence-based interventions to support children with mood and anxiety following an acquired brain injury. Our therapeutic interventions are grounded in a holistic approach, considering the child’s family and social environment whilst celebrating each child’s personal strengths and interests. In addition to building emotional understanding and awareness of difficult feelings, thoughts and behaviours, children are encouraged to build their own ‘toolbox’ of strategies to employ in new situations.

Family support

We recognise that children exist in familial, educational and social systems. All of the adults supporting children and young people play a critical role in creating positive outcomes following an acquired brain injury. To support the system around the children, families can access individual or group therapy sessions.

Behavioural management

Collaborative work with young people, their families and communities can support the development of effective behavioural support plans. Behavioural plans are informed by solution-focused therapy and Positive Behavioural Support principles, emphasising the child’s interests and preferences while building on the strengths they have already developed.

Supporting education

With consent we can collaborate with educational professionals to ensure that children with acquired brain injury are provided with an education that reflects their individual developmental journey, guiding children to turn their potential into meaningful achievements. This includes consulting on educational strategies that support children to engage with a curriculum that is both relevant and enjoyable.


Dr. Royston Hall

Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychologist

Dr. Bronwen Royall

Paediatric Clinical Psychologist

Sharné Botes

Paediatric Occupational Therapist

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