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Improving movement and balance

Our Specialist Physiotherapists have extensive experience working in the field of neurorehabilitation. They provide physical rehabilitation to help clients reach their own functional and meaningful goals, either in the client’s own home or in the community.
Patient in pool during session with physiotherapist

Physical impairment

Assessment and rehabilitation for range of movement, tone, muscle power, proprioception, sensation, co-ordination- gait re-education. Provision and monitoring of home exercise programmes. Referral management for walking aids and orthotics, spasticity management, and botulinum toxin.

Functional abilities

Essential functional movement can include therapy for sit to stand, bed mobility, indoor and outdoor mobility, wheelchair mobility, stairs. Practice of functional sports-based movement within the home, development of gym programmes, support to return to community sport and leisure activities, and referral to exercise on prescription.

Balance and falls

Assessment and rehabilitation for getting on and off the floor, balance re-training, falls advice.


Vestibular assessment and rehabilitation, referral to ophthalmology for visual symptoms, referral to Ear Nose & Throat specialist for complex vestibular presentations.

My physio is really good, he is such a nice person and is easy to talk to. He offers good information on how to use the equipment at my gym, he has set me exercises for the resistance bands and he emails me with instructions.

Jordan, ClientGloucestershire


Colin Domaille

Associate, Specialist Physiotherapist

Caroline Hardman

Associate, Specialist Physiotherapist

Claire Schnetler

Associate, Specialist Physiotherapist

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