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Rebuilding speech and communication

Our Specialist Speech and Language Therapists not only offer expertise in language production and understanding, swallow assessments, posture and breath work, they also have a focus on social communication and Cognitive Communication Disorder (CCD), a common yet often misunderstood consequence of brain injury.
Young girl pronouncing sounds with speech and language therapist


Assessment and intervention for motor speech disorders.


Voice assessment and advice for self-management.


Full assessment of receptive, expressive, reading and writing skills. Impairment based therapy, strategy development for self-management, exploration of technology and therapy software packages to support communication skills.


Assessment and meal advice, onward referral to specialist services including video fluoroscopy and dietician.

Cognitive communication disorder

Assessment of the impact of cognitive difficulties on linguistic abilities, social communication and conversational skills, considering the impact of speech difficulties on social and vocational participation. Intervention for social communication in different social contexts, planning communication needs ahead of time, and education of the client’s family and supporters on how to manage their conversation to aid the patient.


Helen Le Gear

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

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