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Caroline Hardman

Associate, Specialist Physiotherapist

Caroline brings specialists skills in neurological and amputee rehabilitation.

Focusing on client centred goals and quality of life, Caroline brings to Totus a wealth of unique experiences of working with complex client groups both in the UK and abroad. Her holistic treatment approach makes her more than a physiotherapist, her compassion and psychological knowledge allows her to make progress with the most challenging of cases.

Caroline has experience treating complex neurological injuries, including stroke and traumatic brain injuries, within the inpatient, outpatient and community setting. She has worked in regional limb centres, providing physiotherapy to clients who have had an amputation, which has involved preparing and teaching clients to use their first prosthesis and working with established prosthetic users to improve their gait or learn to run.

Since qualifying as a physiotherapist from University of Liverpool in 2009, Caroline has worked within the NHS on the Wirral and is now working in Bristol. Alongside her NHS and private work, over the past 6 years she has been working with humanitarian organisations which resulted in her current role with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to set the ‘Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Recommendations’ for international consideration.