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An interdisciplinary approach

Truly personalised neurorehabilitation demands an interdisciplinary approach – a carefully curated group of specialists with diverse expertise working together as one team.

It also requires the active involvement of patients and their supporters, case managers and legal team. This integrated strategy enhances rehabilitation outcomes and simplifies the lives of patients and their support networks, making the overall experience smoother and more effective.

Putting patient wellbeing first

The greatest resource for rehabilitation is the client themselves

A commitment to evidence-based practice

Clear clinical governance structure

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What sets
Totus apart

“I have worked with both Claire and her team for many years. The service is professional and second to none, but most importantly Claire puts our clients at the heart of what she does. She is a pleasure to work with.”

PamelaSolicitor, Exeter

Holistic care

Brain injuries have cognitive, physical, social, and emotional consequences. We address these challenges collaboratively.

Improved outcomes

Interdisciplinary collaboration means our experts continuously share insights and optimise their input. Research evidence suggests this promotes better outcomes for the client.

Customised rehabilitation plans

Recognising that each client and their family are unique, our interdisciplinary teams tailor treatment plans to the individual for a more effective and personalised approach.


Having a fully integrated team within one service simplifies the referral and reporting process and limits the potential for duplication, providing a cost saving benefit.


A crucial objective is for our rehabilitation to be sustainable. That is, that treatment plans cater for long-term need and not just short-term outcomes.

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