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Expert rehabilitation delivered with compassion

Teenage boy being supported by clinical neuropsychologist during therapy session


While many teams are patient-centred, we go a step further and embrace a patient-led approach. We believe that the greatest resource for rehabilitation is the patient themselves. Our guiding philosophy is to support our patients to a position where they feel both cognitively and emotionally capable of directing their own rehabilitation journey.



We pride ourselves on delivery of transparent, consistent and accessible information. Our keyworker system ensures that the patient, family, and legal team have a primary point of contact. From our verbal communications and patient information to our formal reports, we are committed to communication of the highest quality.

Commitment to
the evidence base

Our associates are selected not only for their extensive clinical experience, but for their commitment to evidence-based practice. Our team mindset is always forward thinking and always adapting. We utilise measurable outcomes with all our cases and produce clearly evaluated goal plans.


We identify the specific level of independence an individual can sustain on their own but also dedicate time to explore with the patient any ongoing support needs. We assist them in actively shaping the nature of this support, fostering a sense of empowerment and care.

Expert practitioners

We bring together practitioners from specialist disciplines to work as one therapy team, with these values at the heart of what they do.